Studds Helmet price in Nepal

Know the best Studds Helmet price in Nepal

Are you searching the best Studds Helmet in Nepal? Here I am writing the studds Helmet. Helmet is essential part of riding the bike.

Why we need to use Helmet

We need to use Helmet because of:

Head Protection: While we riding a bike; we need to wear helmet because of Head protection. It save us to live longer. If we get crash or fall, accidently we get facture, wound, and came out blood. So, we need to protect the Head while riding a bike.

Legal Requirement: As government making the rule to wear a helmet for everyone. Because of protect the public from getting accident.

Reduced the Several Injuries: Helmet can protect from the several accident or injuries. Also increasing the recovery or healthy live.

Other Visibility, responsibility as so on.

Studds Helmet price in Nepal

The price range of Studds Helmet is Rs. 2000-10,000 in Nepal as Normal.

1.Open face, EliteRs. 2000, Rs. 3000
Studds Helmet price in Nepal

Advantage of using Studds Helmet

  • Open-face ISI certified helmet with regulated density EPS and a replaceable liner that makes cleaning and preserving the helmet’s freshness easy.
  • An exterior shell made of high impact for optimal safety and protection
  • UV-resistant paint is available in a variety of eye-catching colours and resists fading and scratches.
  • Quick-release visor that makes it easy to take off and clean
  • Reduces allergens and improves comfort with a hypoallergenic liner.

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